Why Use Us

For Companies, the answer is simple: Because when you advertise to fill jobs you are targeting only one group of people – those who are actively looking and are willing to send a resume. Typically, these are unemployed job seekers. We are constantly networking with civil engineers in your marketplace and are aware of many who may be open to making a move for the “right opportunity”. You are an expert at what you do and so are we.  Recruiting comes with its own special skill set and there are several reasons why someone might make a move that asking for a resume doesn’t connect with.

Also, we have been building relationships with Civil Engineers and with Civil Engineering Consultants since 1999.  Ask yourself, what do my clients look for in me?   How long have you been doing this?  What are you specialties?  Does this person know my business?  Isn’t that what you should be looking for in a recruiter?

If the only reason anyone gets hired is to solve a problem that is costing a company money then don’t you want someone who understands that problem?  If a recruiter “specializes” in civil engineering, construction, MEP, pharmaceutical sales, semiconductor, manufacturing, and the IT industries – just how specialized are they?  And that includes your corporate recruiters. With LinkedIn and other social websites today, it’s not all that hard or time consuming to do a little homework on the recruiter you are thinking about hiring.

When you boil business down to its purest form, business is nothing more than people buying people to make companies that make money.  You simply can’t beat your competition unless your talent is better than theirs and your current/future business is directly impacted by the people you’re hiring – or not hiring.  Talent comes in many different forms including one’s ability to relate to a client in such a way as they follow a person, greater effectiveness and efficiency in work product which results in higher profit margins, ability to relate to management and co-workers, etc.