I know my business and make a concerted effort to constantly stay aware of who might be looking for a career enhancing opportunity and where that opportunity might be. Therefore, I strive to identify and provide the right person for the right job in a very expeditious manner. My service charge is easily seen as quite cost effective once it is viewed in the light of what I can provide coupled with the top talented engineers that I consistently work with on an exclusive basis.

It is also a confidence factor to a candidate, in that they understand the fee is an investment in them and the company is taking some risk as well in making an investment in their talents. They understand the difference between being a “free hire” and being an “investment” and that leads to the assurance their move is a long-term one. I stand ready to assist you with your permanent staffing needs.

I have worked on several exciting positions from junior level to national director level. I believe I can help with your staffing needs as well – but I will also let you know if I am not able to. I am repeatedly in contact with numerous top-talented engineers in the United States who are interested in a career enhancing move for the right opportunity. I also make it a point to keep strong relationships with other recruiters who specialize in my field – and who hold to the same values I do – so that we can assist one another in helping meet your needs as well.

Our Recruiting Services basically consist of a 2-Tier Approach and ALL of our services are based on one keyword: RELATIONSHIP. Every relationship from a blind date to a marriage has three key elements: Trust, Respect, and Commitment. I don’t know anyone who goes out with another thinking they are Jack-The-Ripper or a Black Widow. There is always at least enough trust to go out the first time. And I don’t know anyone who goes out on a blind date expecting to wind up married by the end of the first date. It’s a mutual thing. Mutual Trust, Mutual Respect, and Mutual Commitment. As the trust and respect grow, so does usually the commitment until such a point in time where the two decide they wish to see each other exclusively. Again, I don’t know anyone who would stand at the altar and promise to forsake all others until death do they part and say, “But you go ahead and date around if you’d like Honey.” So it is with us, we make the same commitment to you that you would like to make to us. These commitments are what make up our 2-Tier Approach.


This is the standard “We’ll keep our eyes and ears open.” approach. A contingency search is the lowest risk, lowest commitment type search. In fact, it’s really not a “search” at all. You really don’t make any commitment to us other than to hear about a candidate should we call you back. You are free to advertise on your own, use the job boards, talk to other recruiters and do whatever you can to fill the position by whatever means possible. In turn, we aren’t really “committing” our time, efforts, and resources to you but will call you back if we come across someone. Oftentimes, this may be someone who was not selected by a client on a retained search once the search has been completed and the other client has passed on them. Once we bring you a candidate that you’re interested in seeing, our other services kick in at that time. Our standard service charge under a Contingency Agreement is 30% of the first year’s salary – when you hire the individual and they start work.

Note: Every decision has its pro’s and con’s. The Pro’s to a contingency search are pretty easily seen. Keep in mind there is one downside that is not often understood. I hear all the time, “I’ve got 3 or 4 other recruiters working on it.” I’ve never found a company who is paying those 3 or 4 recruiters. Ask yourself this question, how hard would you work for nothing? How much time, effort, and resources do you think a recruiter is really going to spend on solving your problem when they know that someone else might get paid for their efforts? Let me be honest with you, the seasoned, veteran, and best recruiters who know this business won’t spend much time at all. Like I said, we’ll all keep our eyes and ears open – but we’re not “working” it.

Retained Search

Under a retained search the level of commitment increases. Our most popular retained search is what we call an “Engaged Search”. Here the 30% Service Charge is broken into three separate phases:

  • One-Third of the agreed upon Estimated Base Salary shall be due upon execution of this Agreement as an Engagement Fee. The Search Period shall commence upon receipt of this Engaged Fee. It is understood by the Client that this Engagement Fee is payment for the services to be rendered during the Search Period. During this Search Period, it is understood that we agree to be retained and to work exclusively for the Client.
  • One-Third of the agreed upon Estimated Base Salary shall be due upon the presentation of candidate(s) for interviewing purposes. Payment shall be made within 10 days of agreeing to interview candidate(s). It is understood by the Client that this portion of the total service charge is payment for the services to be rendered during the interviewing process.
  • Upon Offer and Acceptance the total service charge for the position shall be determined based on 30% of first year’s salary. A final payment for the remaining amount (total service charge minus the two previous payments) shall be due within 10 days of the Candidate‚Äôs Start Date.

The Retained Search obviously takes the “Relationship” to a higher level. With the Engaged Search a company has all our time, effort, and resources on an exclusive basis for a specified time. The downside is that you are taking a greater risk and making a greater commitment by putting your money upfront. Just as when you might retain a lawyer, you are paying for their time and efforts. They don’t guarantee you they will win your case because they can’t. So it is with us. Therefore, I do not recommend you look at the retained search, with us or anyone else, until a solid relationship has been established based on previous proven performance.