Looking For An Opportunity?

If you haven’t looked at the Candidates page, please do so before continuing here so you can understand better how and why we can help you.

Now, let me ask you a question. Is it possible that there is something personally, professionally, and/or financially more rewarding than your current situation? If there is anything at all you would like to be called about, please let me know. Personally, I like phone calls as they help me get to know you better. Or you can send me an email if you would like.

To jump start the process, please send me your most recent resume as a Word attachment. This will provide the general information about you and your career that I need. I want to emphasize the understanding that it never leaves my desk without your permission. No matter how long we have it. This is a guarantee you should get BEFORE you send your resume to anyone! The process to find, identify, and land your next opportunity is a detailed one. However, this is a process that we are experts in.

In the body of the email, please provide a detailed description of your ideal opportunity. This should cover three areas:

  1. the position
  2. the manager
  3. the company

The more narrowly defined and specific you are, the more you help me.  The more generic, the less you help me. Everyone wants a position they will be happy with, working for a good manager, and in a good company. I need to know what “happy” and “good” is to you. Do you want to be more involved with design, project management, business development etc? Tell me how you want to be utilized. If you want a position as a senior engineer or manager, how many people would you like to oversee? Describing your idea of an ideal manager and company specifically gives me the ability to match not only your skill sets, but also the chemistry between you and your future manager. Be sure to include your geographical preferences and the base salary range you’d like to see (for your current location).

It would also be helpful if you could please provide me with 4 or 5 specific achievements or accomplishments that were significant in nature. This should be an example that, when I hear it, causes me and my client to say, “Wow!” Good examples that always work are circumstances where you may have been awarded something such as a patent, design software competency, completion of a job that exceeded expectations, bonuses or saved dollars on a project, and multi-discipline interaction. Perhaps you played a significant part in a particularly difficult aspect of a project, or a situation where your skills resulted in a significant savings to the company’s bottom-line. Of course, if you have generated new business or had clients come to you for repeat business because they want to do business with you, that is always noteworthy.

If you can do all the above, it will ensure that I will ONLY call you about opportunities that BOTH you and a prospective company are interested in.

Please send the above information to: royce@engineeringjourneysinc.com