Folks, let’s face it, most of us are going to spend more time at work Monday through Friday than we are with our family, recreational interests, hobbies, and even sleeping. So, don’t it just make sense that we ought to enjoy doing what we do and “want” to go to work? Do you look forward to getting up in the morning and going to work? Are you doing what you want to do? Are you doing it with people you enjoy working with? Do you respect and admire your manager or perhaps go to work hoping that you don’t cross paths today? Are you with a company that you’re proud to hang your hat on and have your name associated with? Do they treat you as what you are – their most valuable asset – or as a disposable commodity that gets a paycheck for doing what they ask? Perhaps you are like many I’ve helped. You love your job, the manager and others you work with, and your company – but you just aren’t living where you want to live.

I’d like to discuss with you why you may want to consider a different route than sending some piece of paper (a resume) over to somebody (HR) that doesn’t even know what it says and takes 3-8 seconds to answer the question, “If I send this to the proper Hiring Manager, will it make me look good or bad?”  Now that’s not a put down.  We all ask ourselves that question.  If not consciously then subconsciously.  But ask yourself if any HR person really knows whether you are qualified for a position or not?  Doesn’t a resume really create more questions than they answer?  Many times I have been told by a Hiring Manager that had the resume came in on its own, they would have never talked with the candidate because they just didn’t see anything that excited them.

You most likely are someone that would want a company to invest in your talents rather than take all the risk yourself and be just a hire. I have clients and a number of opportunities in various areas of the country. I enjoy working with open, honest, and friendly professionals. It’s what makes my job pleasurable and fun to do. I cannot emphasize enough all the reasons why a company should pay to have you bring your talents to them vice a competitor and why you should be an investment rather than some free hire. Let me just say this, no civil engineer needs me to find them a job but who is putting your desires/interests and goals first? You deserve to hear how I can help you and you have nothing to lose by calling me. Why let a company roll the dice and gamble with your job security? I’d appreciate hearing from you so we can discuss these things in more detail.

Let me also make this important point very clear, just as Rick Warren said in his Purpose Driven Life book, it is not about me. I am not here to tell you what to do. I am here to help you and your family if you have one. It is your decision as to what job you will do, what manager you will work for, and what company you want to belong to. Your desires and interests are what is important and what drives our processes. And I’m not here to twist your arm into taking something so I can get a fee. Just the opposite, I believe that if I put your desires/interests first, then the money will come. There are innumerable opportunities available today and, for that matter, good companies will create positions for the right talent.

I own a recruiting company that specializes in working with Civil Engineers. I am not a resume slinger who just sends resumes to HR. (Remember, the average resume today gets about 3-8 seconds of a look.) Rather I work directly with the Hiring Manager and strive to find the right fit so that you never need to make another move. Because I specialize in working with civil engineers, it’s pretty easy to determine if you are qualified for the job – the more difficult aspect that I also focus on is bringing you an opportunity that fits the personality, chemistry and culture you’re looking for in a company. After our discussion, I think you’ll see that I truly concern myself with bringing the right person – and not just a piece of paper. Additionally, by working with the right recruiter, you become an “investment” to a company versus “just a hire”. This means the company has a reason to follow through on their promises and to keep you happy long after you are hired. Seriously, who do you know that makes a big investment in anything they do not intend to keep and take care of? I have IMMEDIATE opportunities available. I just don’t know if they are what you are looking for.