About Us

Royce E. Van Blaricome – President & Founder

After retiring from the Navy with 16 of my 20 years in recruiting and career counseling, I joined the oldest and largest recruiting agency in the world. The Owner, prior to buying the franchise, was previously the VP of Wastewater for a large international consulting firm in an office located here in the PacNW. In fact, out of over 1100 offices in the USA, at the time we were the only office that specialized in working with Civil Engineers that was owned by a Civil Engineer. It was there that I received outstanding training in both recruiting and civil/environmental engineering. It is also there that I began to build a practice and relationships within the civil engineering industry and I did so until 2002 when the owner of that franchise decided to move on to something else. A year later I had honored my Non-Compete and while going through the “40 Days of Purpose”, I realized that everything in my life pointed to me doing this job. After contacting many of my previous clients, I took a leap of faith and launched Engineering Journeys.

Image of meI was raised in the Midwest where, frankly, most of the people I knew never gave a moment’s thought as to whether they liked their job. If the job paid the bills, had a little spending money left over for the Friday Night Mix-Doubles League at the bowling alley, and maybe let you take a vacation every few years, that was all a job needed to do. I was in that group too. My Daddy worked in a meat packing plant for 18 years until he came home one day and announced the plant was shutting their doors. Even though he hated that job, he was devastated by the news. That was my first big revelation as to just how much of an impact a job can have on someone. And their family. My 20 years in the Navy helping others find the right job, and seeing first-hand the difference between people who loved their job and those who didn’t, has convinced me that being in the right job can significantly enhance one’s overall life.

Royce at Rocky Ford Rainbow

25″ Rocky Forde Rainbow

Having said all the above, there is one thing that I’d like to emphasize more than any other. When you partner with me, you will truly be working with a professional that CARES about people. I am not looking to just make placements, but rather establish long-term relationships that benefit both the employer and the employee. I am not “bottom-line” driven. Honesty, Integrity, and Character are the traits I am most proud of. Words are cheap, I know. I understand that since this is our first contact, I must now prove it – and I intend to.

Royce with Chum Salmon

18 Pound Chum Salmon

By the way, I don’t golf but I do greatly enjoy the outdoors. Did I mention we love to have fun and I truly enjoy showing folks a good time on the water or in the field.

Finally, and most importantly, we strive to walk in the example of Jesus Christ, to live by The Golden Rule and to exercise Biblical principles. We serve all people regardless of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. I hope this helps in answering your questions about our services. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have other questions or if I may be of any help to you or your firm in the future.

We are located in Granite Falls, WA. However, please bear in mind that we have clients, candidates, and opportunities from Coast to Coast and Border to Border.