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Engineering Journeys, Inc. is a by-product of the “40 Days of Purpose” from Rick Warren’s book “The Purpose Driven Life”. There I discovered everything in my life was a stepping stone to my helping others find the right job. I invite you to read more under About Us where you will find more on my background and why my experiences can help you.

We believe that Larry Bossidy got it right when he basically said that no company can expect to beat their competition unless it has the best human capital. We also believe there are great costs often unseen by leaving positions unfilled. These may come in the form of missed deadlines, busted budgets, projects being awarded to competitors, client relationships growing cold, morale problems, high turnover from excessive working hours, and others.

Additionally, when you boil business down to its purest form, business is nothing more than people buying people to make companies that make money.  You simply can’t beat your competition unless your talent is better than theirs and your current/future business is directly impacted by the people you’re hiring – or not hiring.  Talent comes in many different forms including one’s ability to relate to a client in such a way as they follow a person, greater effectiveness and efficiency in work product which results in higher profit margins, ability to relate to management and co-workers, etc.

For the candidate, we believe that your career impacts every area of your life. Imagine if you actually had a 24 hour day that consisted of three 8 hour periods of sleep, work, and personal time with your family, hobbies, etc. If you don’t get enough sleep, how well do you do at your job? If you can’t stand your job, how well do you sleep? And have you ever known a spouse or child who can’t tell you if Mom or Dad either loves or hates their job? We understand that our “product” is a person. A person who not only has a job, but a career, and also may have a family, life goals, and other aspirations that can be affected by that career choice.

We understand the challenges of finding not only someone qualified to do the job but finding the right person behind the professional who will fit in to your culture and desire to stay with your company for the long term. It was only a few years ago that we had Hiring Managers tell us every day that there simply weren’t enough civil engineers in this country and it was taking a year or more to fill needed positions. Sadly, we’ve gone from 40,000 fewer engineers than we needed to perhaps 40,000 still looking for work or having left the industry.

We’ve gone from the days of employee drought where companies turned away business because they simply could not find the employees needed to grow, to today where most companies simply are trying to keep the doors open and yet turning away people without even looking at them who may be able to bring them profit they don’t currently have. At Engineering Journeys, Inc. we realize that it’s not just about filling a position, its about your organization’s need to find talent quickly and making sure it’s a long-term fit.

Engineering Journeys, Inc. provides complete recruitment services nationwide. We are continuously building relationships in your industry and in your city. Most importantly, we understand that it is “not about us.”

EngineeringJourneys, Inc. was founded on the principles of integrity, trust and “The Golden Rule”.  We strive for excellence in everything that we do.

We take an individualized approach; working hard to foster open, inclusive communication with clients and candidates that result in strong, effective partnerships.

Our office specializes in identifying and placing  professionals in the following key areas of Civil Engineering.

  • Water/Wastewater/Water Resources
  • Transportation and Traffic
  • Land and Site Development

* other disciplines such as Structural and Geotechnical are explored for additional placement opportunities.

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